mPED Study (Motivational Physical Activity Education Study)
Principal Investigator:
Yoshimi Fukuoka, PhD, RN
Who can sign up for this study? (basic inclusion and exclusion criteria)
WOMEN who:/
  • Are between 25 and 69 yrs of age
  • Are physically inactive
    Would like to be more physically active
  • Have access to a home or mobile phone
  • Have no disabilities that limit physical activity
  • Are able to speak and read English
  • DO NOT have diabetes controlled by insulin (controlled by oral medication okay)
What is this study about?
This is a 12 month research study to test two different motivational physical activity education programs in physically inactive women. The study will compare pedometer and mobile-phone based programs to determine what is more effective in helping women increase their physical activity.
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What will happen in this study?
  • 12 month study
  • 7 UCSF Laurel Heights Research Office Visits (1 -2 hours long)
  • 2 Blood Draws
  • Women will be expected to wear a pedometer every single day for 9 months and reply to 2 messages on a mobile phone application for 9 months.
How long will this study last?
This is a 12-month study. Participants will be required to wear the pedometer and/or use the mobile phone application every day for 9 months. They will return their study equipment at 9 months and complete a telephone interview at 12 months.
Participants may earn up to $80, a study t-shirt, and a study tote bag upon completion of all parts of the study.
For more information please contact:
Kristin Pham, MS, CSCS 
mPED Project Director 
UCSF Laurel Heights
Phone: 415-322-0520