Hormone Research Institute

The Hormone Research Laboratory was organized in 1950 at the suggestion of UC President Robert G. Sproul.  Dr. Choh Hao Li was named director in 1954.  The Laboratory was officially established by the Regents in 1956 as a separate research unit in the College of Letters and Science on the Berkeley Campus.  In 1960 the Laboratory became a unit of the UCSF School of Medicine and in 1967 the Laboratory moved to new space on the 10th floor of the Health Sciences West Building and was renamed the Hormone Research Institute (HRI).  Dr. Li's research includes isolation of the human growth hormone and the complete identification of its chemical structure. He also synthesized part of the ACTH molecule.

The HRI was concerned with advancing the existing knowledge of the chemistry and biology of the hormones of the pituitary and its target organs.  An equally important objective is the training of medical and graduate students as well as postdoctoral investigators in the techniques and methods requisite for work in protein chemistry and experimental endocrinology.  In addition, HRI has been a source of highly purified hormones for biological and clinical investigations.

In 2000, the Diabetes Center at UCSF was established with the HRI becoming one of the units within our center.