Type 1 Diabetes

New Type 1 Prevention Studies Launched

For relatives of people with type 1 diabetes who are not yet diagnosed, but who are at risk for type 1 diabetes, there are now promising clinical trials available. UCSF Pediatric Diabetes Program director Steve Gitelman, MD, suggests that all family members take a simple blood test which screens for the presence of diabetes-related autoantibodies that may appear years before type 1 diabetes develops.

UCSF Islet Transplantation Research Studies Launched

Significant progress has been made in improving the results and clinical applicability of pancreatic islet transplantation as a treatment for type 1 diabetes.

New Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Studies Launched

A number of new investigational studies in diabetes are being launched by the UCSF Pediatric Diabetes Clinical Research Program under the leadership of Steve Gitelman, MD.  Investigational studies are studies that are not approved for use in diabetes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Television News Stories Focus on Type 1 Diabetes and UCSF

Wednesday December 23rd, 2009 - KPIX CBS, News Article, Type 1 Diabetes, UCSF Diabetes Center

In conjunction with last month's National Diabetes Month, KPIX CBS 5 in San Francisco spotlighted the work of the Diabetes Center at UCSF.  On November 10th, CBS 5 Healthwatch Doctor Kim Mulvihill, MD discussed an experimental drug called anti-CD3 and how it may stop beta cell destruction in type 1 diabetes.  [ anti-CD3 news story ]   On November 18th, a second story aired that addressed the question, "Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good?"  In this story, Dr.