Bone Study for Postmenopausal Women with or without Type 2 Diabetes

Study Name: Cortical Bone Porosity Identifies Type 2 Diabetes Subjects with Fragility Fractures

Study Sponsors: National Institute of Health

Principal Investigator: Thomas Link, M.D.

Who can sign up for this study? Volunteers must be Postmenopausal Women between 50 and 75 years old with or without Type 2 Diabetes, with or without Fracture of the long bone of the upper arm, hip, ankle, or foot.  

What is this study about? Researchers wish to look at bone strength and quality using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT Scans), and DXA scan. 

What will happen in this study?    Patients will have

  • MRI of the back
  • CT scan of back, hip, leg, and wrist
  • DXA scan of hip, back and wrist

How long will this study last? About three hours.

Reimbursement: You will receive compensation for your time and effort.

For more information: Call Thelma Munoz at 415-353-9446 or email at