Patient Care & Education

Transforming Patient Care

Our Diabetes Clinics are actually two entities housed separately: the Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes in UCSF Children’s Hospital and the Justine K. Schreyer Adult Diabetes Care Center in the UCSF Department of Medicine. Both of our clinical programs are dedicated to the comprehensive care of diabetes with an emphasis on patient education and the avoidance of complications of the disease. We are proud that our clinics provide the highest quality of care for our patients and serve as models for the management of other chronic diseases.

A key feature of our Diabetes Clinics is the close collaboration that exists between the clinical team and our diabetes researchers. With few distinct boundaries between clinical researchers and laboratory scientists, our patients have access to late-breaking discoveries, new treatment options, and new strategies for diagnosing and managing diabetes.

Both of our Diabetes Clinics hold annual symposiums to educate patients and their families. The Diabetes Symposium & Kids Kamp is held in February or March; the Diabetes Teaching Center’s Adult Symposium is held in April or May.

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