2009 Archive

December 2009

Year-End Message from Our Center Director -
It is hard to believe that we are just days away from the end of the decade, and nearly ten years since the founding of the UCSF Diabetes Center.
A Multi-Pronged Attack on Beta Cell Destruction -
Within the last year, one of our type 1 diabetes clinical trials involving an effective cancer drug concluded.
UCSF Research Featured in National Diabetes Publication -
Three Diabetes Center affiliated researchers are featured in a recent issue of Forefront magazine , a publication of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).
Television News Stories Focus on Type 1 Diabetes and UCSF -
In conjunction with last month's National Diabetes Month, KPIX CBS 5 in San Francisco spotlighted the work of the Diabetes Center at UCSF.
New UCSF Chancellor Named Among Forbes "Most Powerful Innovators" -
Forbes magazine’s annual feature on the Most Powerful People included UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, among the world’s seven Most Powerful Innovators.

November 2009

Novocell and UCSF Receive CIRM Disease Team Award -
Last month, the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) awarded a Diabetes Disease Team Award to Novocell, Inc.
Powerful Imaging Technology Helps to Uncover Important Interaction Involved in Tolerance -
The body's immune system is supposed to "tolerate" itself  and distinguish "self" from "non-self.
Islet Transplant Recipient Shares Life-Changing Experience -
After living with type 1 diabetes for 33 years, Ken Reynolds feels like a new person with a much better quality of life -- thanks to an islet transplant he received at UCSF last January.
Study Shows Diabetes Education Lowers Healthcare Costs -
A new study, Assessing the Value of Diabetes Education, has shown that healthcare costs for the serious consequences of diabetes are significantly lower for people who have been referred to a diabetes education program.
SFGH Diabetes Team Receives Awards -
The UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations (CVP) at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) continues to receive recognition for its innovative research that advances health communication to prevent and treat chronic diseases in patients at risk.