2007 Archive

December 2007

UCSF Honors Visionary Biotech Pioneer Who Helped to Create Human Insulin -
While leading the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Hormone Research Institute, William J. Rutter, PhD helped UCSF to make some of its most important contributions in biotechnology -- including the cloning of the genes for insulin and human growth hormone. 

November 2007

Private Industry Embraces Promising Type 1 Therapy -
To take a promising drug to market, it costs on average $500 million.
Specific Immune Cells Play a Role in Inflammation and Autoimmunity -
Inflammation is a biological process driven by the immune system to help the body react to infection, irritation or other injury -- and help the body to repair itself.
The Brain's Balancing Act: Body Weight and Blood Glucose Levels -
Nearly two-thirds of US adults are overweight – fueling the twin epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes in this country.
UCSF Physician Authors New Book, "Diabetes DeMystified" -
McGraw Hill has just published “Diabetes DeMystified:  A Self-Teaching Guide”, written by our very own UCSF physician and clinical researcher, Umesh Masharani, M.D. 
Strengthening In-Patient Hospital Insulin Management -
Have you or a loved one ever been frustrated by how your diabetes has been managed in a hospital setting?  Thanks to a team of clinicians led by Robert Rushakoff, MD and Umesh Masharani, MD, UCSF has tackled this problem head on by putting in place new insulin management systems for patients with diabetes being treated in UCSF hospitals.

September 2007

Researcher-Clinician part of Inaugural Class to Receive NIH Director's New Innovator Award -
Feroz Papa, M.D., Ph.D. was awarded a prestigious New Innovator Award, one of only 29 investigators nationwide who received this award.   The NIH created this new award to help stimulate highly innovative research and support promising new investigators. 
UCSF Researchers Achieve Success in Genetically Reprogramming Cells to Their Embryonic State -
A team of researchers including Miguel Ramalho-Santos, Ph.D., a UCSF Fellow and member of the Diabetes Center, have reported that they have improved a technique for genetically reprogramming mouse cells to become embryonic stem cells. 
Clinical Diabetes Fellowship Program Launched by Generous Family -
Longtime Diabetes Center volunteers, Bobbie and Michael Wilsey, approached Diabetes Center Director, Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone, and Diabetes Teaching Center Medical Director, Dr. Martha Nolte, to express interest in supporting UCSF’s diabetes clinical efforts. 

August 2007

Kraft Family Fellow Helping to Unlock Secrets of Pancreas Development -
When Anastasia Mavropoulos, PhD arrived at UCSF from her home in Belgium, she had already achieved an impressive record of success in studying pancreas development.