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Unique among diabetes facilities nationwide, our Diabetes Center unites the research, clinical care and education aspects of diabetes into a comprehensive program to improve the quality of life of those living with diabetes.

Discovering Treatments & Cures: Our Diabetes Research Program

The Diabetes Center is uniquely positioned to advance diabetes research with our strengths in immunology, endocrinology, developmental and stem cell biology, human genetics, molecular and cell biology, hormone action and metabolism, and through our comprehensive clinical research program.

A team of approximately 150 research faculty and staff members:

  • conduct basic research to discover the underlying causes of diabetes;
  • pursue the most innovative basic and clinical research to help prevent, treat, and cure diabetes.
Transforming Patient Care: Our Diabetes Clinics

Both our Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes and our Justine K. Schreyer Adult Diabetes Care Center are dedicated to the multi-disciplinary clinical team approach to caring for diabetes, with an emphasis on patient education and the avoidance of complications.

A key feature of our Diabetes Clinics is their close collaboration with UCSF diabetes researchers. With few distinct boundaries between clinical researchers and laboratory scientists, UCSF patients have access to new discoveries for diagnosing and managing their diabetes.

Clinical research is also a priority among our faculty and staff. Numerous clinical trials are seeking study participants to help accelerate the clinical development of emerging therapies. Notably, UCSF is at the forefront of type 1 diabetes prevention research, leading a number of multi-center trials to test new therapies in new-onset and high-risk children and adults.

Advancing Human Health Through Education: Our Diabetes Teaching Center

As one of the country's oldest diabetes education programs and a pioneer in promoting diabetes self-management, our Diabetes Teaching Center (DTC) informs patients about the newest treatments in diabetes. The DTC brings together the skills of a multi-faceted team of medical professionals to provide individuals with diabetes education, individualized therapies, and continuing resources and support. Thousands of people from around the world have completed workshops at the DTC.

Recently, the DTC created an online educational website for diabetes, Diabetes Education Online. This highly acclaimed educational resource is helping to support the masses of individuals living with diabetes in this country, many of whom do not have access to diabetes professionals in their communities. Currently in English, this website is in the process of being translated into both Chinese and Spanish.

The DTC has also launched a new mobile application, DiabetesIQ. This app will help those living with diabetes learn how to manage their diabetes more effectively.

Building the Future of Science and Medicine: Our Faculty and Staff

The three arms of the Diabetes Center are comprised of a dedicated group of faculty, post-graduate and graduate students, and staff. One of our strengths is the number of collaborations that take place – both within UCSF and with researchers throughout the world.

Staying Informed of our Diabetes Advances

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